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At Customer Chronicles Consultancy we believe that our clients are already good at what they do and that is why they are still in existence, however, we also tend to think that it is never too late to renew knowledge and take a spot check on the ever dynamic market place of today.This becomes our guiding principle,to take customer service and experience to the next level.

Michael Leboeuf famously stated that ‘A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all time’ As a company we have focused on this and converted it into a simple concept.

As our client we trust that all you want to do is to:ACQUIRE a client after which you SATISFY their initial need therefore THRILL them,making them REPEAT customers resulting to winning their TRUST and CONFIDENCE.These noble actions will lead to customer LOYALTY thus increasing your REFERRALS to other potential clients through their word of mouth.Such actions will directly affect your bottom line by increasing PROFITS and ensuring high MOTIVATION levels for your employees thus establishing a culture of efficient,effective and sustainable GROWTH for your company.

Customer Chronicles is here to guide our clients through this process as we constantly take precautionary measures to ensure that our goals remain the same and are achieved despite external environmental changes.

Customer Service & Experience Consulting

It is a thoroughly researched and well known fact that the cost of getting a new customer is six times more than the cost of retaining an existing one,therefore,our main focus as a company is customer retention and to ensure that our partners evenly distribute the spending power of their clients to cover growth efficiently,effectively and sustainably.

It is also our belief that relationships are built on feelings thus forming our mantra ‘Nobody cares how much we know until they know how much we care.’ This has enabled us develop an eight point training course geared towards customer growth and development as well as increased profitability for our partners.

Employee Retention

Here at Customer Chronicles we believe that the Employee is the most important aspect in offering customers the product and services as well as delivering the best experience to the customer and influence them to remain loyal and spend more with a company.We also believe that a passionate and driven employee is your first customer as an organization.This knowledge has therefore given us the bases of setting up a five points program that will guarantee sufficient motivation and reduce turnover by 40-70% annually if implemented accordingly.

Case Studies

The Silent Giant-Nordstrom

The Employee Empowerment Factor

One of the most wide-spread fact known about Nordstrom is the effectiveness of its Employee Handbook given to staff when they first join the company. It goes something like the following:

“Welcome to Nordstrom, We’re glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Set both your personal and professional goals high. We have great confidence in your ability to achieve them.

Nordstrom Rules: Rule #1: Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules


Everyone’s Home away from Home-The Ritz

In this first example, the story created for the guest is small in scale, a combination of fixing an issue and then doing something a little extra, unexpected, and perhaps even slightly off-kilter. The guest had complained to the front desk about some issue with her water before heading off to dinner. When she got back to the room, not only was the plumbing problem fixed, but, says Liam Doyle, the Dove Mountain GM, “there was a note from Scott in engineering apologizing for the problem, giving his direct phone number in case he could do anything further for them, and including, along with the note, a chocolate wrench. The guest, who sent a thank-you letter to Doyle, concluded that letter with, ‘I laughed through every bite of chocolate.’” Doyle is quick to stress that the idea for the chocolate wrench didn’t come from him or from another manager; the engineering department employees took it upon themselves to create this wow moment.

The Shopping Mall business that toppled Bill Gates without owning an actual mall-Amazon

If you order a PlayStation online and it gets snatched from your doorstep instead of being delivered safely to your living room, that’s your problem, right? Or maybe it’s the delivery service’s problem. Or it’s the problem of the neighbor who signed for your expensive gaming system but didn’t bother to bring it inside to protect it from sticky fingers. Wherever the blame lands, it’s definitely not the problem of the company who fulfilled their end of the bargain by shipping the system using a secure method. However, when this scenario happened to an Amazon customer a few years ago, he called them to beg – plead – to see if there was anything that could be done because his son was expecting a PlayStation from Santa. Much to the customer’s shock, they not only sent another, but they didn’t even charge him for shipping. It even made it there on time for Christmas.


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Latest project

The Art of Amazement

It is the culture that can drive any organization—from one employee to tens of thousands—to focus completely on delivering an amazing customer service experience. The art of amazement is guided by a company’s strategic competitive edge and founded on; Company Culture,The Right People and Constant Proper Training on Customer Service.

Customer Centricity

This concept outlines what needs to be done to ensure Customers remain at the core of the business. They include;Customer service goals outlined at the top of the organization,Communicated to the employees,Training,Demonstration by the leadership,Aligning Customer Service goals to Company Goals and Celebrating Customer Service Milestones.

To provide customer service support to our partners as we grow together.

Latest News


Increase of Chat Support

Chat support offers huge benefits when it’s done well. Customers get answers immediately, rather than having to wait 24 hours or more (the typical response time for email support). Furthermore, chat enables customers to ask follow-up questions in real time. An email conversation that could take days is condensed into five minutes.


Chat support also presents a great opportunity to close sales. At one of our company’s e-commerce clients, 13% of website visitors engaged with us when we reached out proactively via chat. Of those, more than half went on to make a purchase. This compares with typical conversion rates of less than 3%.


Introduction and the use of Artificial Intelligence

Some experts predict that 80% of companies will use artificial intelligence in customer service by 2020. In fact, they’ve been predicting that for years. But now that 2020 is right around the corner, does the prediction hold up?


Sort of. Many companies are already using artificial intelligence in their customer service operations. However, its functionality is fairly limited. Some are using it to rout queries to the appropriate agent — a minimal improvement over “dumb” technology that already exists.


Some use it to suggest replies to human agents. Agents can then review each reply and decide whether to edit it or send as is.


More Customers will contact you on Social Media

Companies have spent years trying to engage their customers on social media. Now, customers want to engage back. According to Value Walk, 63% of customers expect companies to offer support via social media, and 35% of customers prefer it over other channels.


Those numbers will only rise in 2018. Once a customer has a great customer service experience via social media, she’ll start to expect it from all the companies with which she does business.