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We are an incredible source of customer service and experience strategies driven by the passion to equip companies with the necessary tools to meet and exceed customer expectations through their product and service delivery.We work with our partners to help them maintain and retain their current customers both internal and external for their growth and development.

We are a leading industry player offering compelling customer dynamics,facts and figures and are committed to providing the best possible training to back up our belief of making business transactions humane again.

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Our Core Values

Customer Service-Ensure that our clients are satisfied by our services

Customer Experience-Ensure that our clients’ interaction with us is unforgettable

Customer Loyalty-Ensure that our clients love us

Our Mission

Vision to Plan

Providing our clients with the most efficient,effective and sustainable Customer Service & Experience methodologies to safeguard their interests and objectives.

Plan to Market

Put into action an 8 point strategic customer-centric training program that will guarantee an increase in customer loyalty,an increase in sales and an enhanced relationship between our clients and their customers.

Market to Growth

Test,try and measure our theory against a client’s day to day operations in order to ensure that we are in harmony with the aligned goals and objectives set at the beginning and re-adjust accordingly if need be.

Offering ideas that raise your business above the expected!

Frequently question asked?

What is Customer Service?


Customer Service is more perception, Less Reality. We came up with this theory so as to try and define what customer service really is,to illustrate this we used the below example;

Let’s consider a busy bank branch. There are three service stations with three tellers, but only one is accepting customers.It isn’t hard to imagine what the customers in line may be thinking. They aren’t thinking about how hard the first teller is working. They are looking at the other tellers and wondering, “What are they doing that’s so important?” Without a proper explanation by the bank, customers are left to their own devices to come to their own conclusions.

What perception do my clients have of me?

As competition gets stiffer and stiffer, one of the main things that will differentiate companies in the future will be the perception of which company gives the best service. I use the word perception because even though a company may think it is giving great service due to having established a customer service goal and having informed all of its employees that the company now has a strong commitment to customer service, unless the customer perceives that they are getting good customer service the company is deluding itself.

Customer service excellence normally starts at the top of the organization with the realization that the long-term viability of the organization depends on the sustaining repeat business of their customer base.For a customer to perceive that they are receiving great customer service,they need to have had a good experience at every level of the organization.There are many elements, of course, that enter into this perception.There are certain things that a customer will expect in dealing with the company.The company may already have a good reputation that has been passed on via word of mouth, and consequently, the customer will expect to receive service as good as if not better than what they have heard about.Next they will expect to have their personal needs met,which is to have the issue they are concerned about,resolved. Finally, they will expect to receive treatment no less than they have received in the past.

Does Customer Service have an impact on the way we do business,if so how?

A company can always get new customers but it typically costs five to ten times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.According to Bill Stewart and Karl Stark, co-founders of Avondale Consulting, recently quoted in an Inc. magazine article, “If a business can retain all of its customers by just one additional month on average,they can achieve an additional 3 percent of annual growth.If they can retain their customer base for four additional months, they can create double-digit growth — without adding a single new customer.” Avondale was No.95 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies achieving a sales growth of 2,750 percent over the past years.


How do we as a company influence perception?

The company will be judged on how competently they address the problem and if it is done in a timely fashion.The attitude of the person the customers deal with will strongly influence whether they feel the company really cares about them and their problem.Both the things a customer expects and the things the customer perceives,whether it is real or not,go together to make up the perceived service quality.At this point, to the customer, perception is reality.
For quality customer service there are, unfortunately,no short cuts.A strong commitment from everyone in the company is required as well as continual training,evaluating,and adjusting.It is not easy but the results from the effort will pay high dividends both now and in the future.

How do we bridge the Customer Expectation gap?

Businesses are great at creating expectations,they market themselves as hassle-free or low-price solutions providers.These promises are what generate expectations thus opening the expectations gap.Problems that then a company might run into include;Calls getting put on hold, transferred to voice mails, routed to a carousel of wrong persons, or worse, disconnected,Customer does not get the information they called for and No one returns the customer’s call.

When these things happen to your customers,your company instantly loses credibility.You promote how easy it is to do business with you, but that’s not what customers experience.Some of the tips to help bridge the customer expectation gap in your company include;Getting a call analysis,Outsource a call center and Sell expertise not appointments.